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Walter Benjamin, Politics, and Art in the Age of Xerox

A recent article in The Atlantic claimed that “the most unsung birthday in American business and technological history [...] may be the 50th anniversary of the Xerox 914 photocopier.” Photography and cinema did for art what the Xerox did for … Continue reading

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Poetry at Stake in a Self/Technology Divide

What fascinates me about emerging media studies is that its lines of inquiry almost always cause cracks in the most foundational definitions, value systems, and assumptions that a vast majority of people accept uncritically. What we take for granted in … Continue reading

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Poem as Artifact, Poem as Technofact

The technology used to create poetry never becomes obsolete. It lives through physical artifacts and discourse, constantly mediating the reading experience. I tend to be in the “language camp” of readers. Rhetorical analysis of a text has always been a … Continue reading

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