On the Eve of my M.A. Defense: Reflections on Building Bridges

Well, here I am the night before I defend my master’s project—one of the last requirements for a degree I never intended to earn! I thought I was coming to Dallas for my Ph.D. in Humanities (Literary Studies), but really … Continue reading

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Assigning Sophie Books in the Poetry Workshop

Why does a book have to be made out of paper? With computer programs like Sophie, they don’t. Sophie is a multimodal reading and writing platform designed and distributed by the Institute for the Future of the Book and sponsored … Continue reading

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Rock out with Your Chalk out

I love rock music, so since I started teaching in 2004, I have been using the same post-it note to compile rock songs about teachers. Some are about the general theme of “school,” but you get the point. My intention … Continue reading

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Poetry at Stake in a Self/Technology Divide

What fascinates me about emerging media studies is that its lines of inquiry almost always cause cracks in the most foundational definitions, value systems, and assumptions that a vast majority of people accept uncritically. What we take for granted in … Continue reading

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Poem as Artifact, Poem as Technofact

The technology used to create poetry never becomes obsolete. It lives through physical artifacts and discourse, constantly mediating the reading experience. I tend to be in the “language camp” of readers. Rhetorical analysis of a text has always been a … Continue reading

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Digital Poetry: Boldly Going Where Most Poetry Has Gone Before

In his book Digital Poetics (2002), Loss Pequeno Glazier is on a mission to bring poetry into the discourse of contemporary digital culture: “For one not to see the connection between poetic practice and new technology seems to undervalue a … Continue reading

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Notes on Teaching Blogging

Another grad student and I are hosting a focus session during the orientation for new and returning teaching assistants this week. These are the notes I drafted for the talk. I am referencing my experience with classroom blogging, as well … Continue reading

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Why Delirium Waltz?

Primarily, “The Delirium Waltz” is the title of a poem in Blizzard of One by Mark Strand. Strand has been a tremendous influence on my poetry and my thinking in general. At my family’s summer cottage on Kelleys Island, I … Continue reading

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