A big step

I thought I’d share some news. I’m moving from Milwaukee to Philadelphia next month to join the faculty in the Communication Studies department at Saint Joseph’s University. The department focuses on digital media and is supportive of making and doing … Continue reading

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Making Contact: Touch Screens and Antimaterialism

Below is the text of the presentation I gave at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Indianapolis. It’s part of a larger project so I’m hoping this little bit makes some sense. Basically arguing that touch is never … Continue reading

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Reasserting Thing-Power: Roughness as a Response to Antimaterialism

Here’s the talk I gave at the 2013 DH Forum at the University of Kansas today. It was a well organized conference. Many thanks to all who attended, tweeted, and asked such great questions. Here are my slides, if you’re … Continue reading

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Lit Misbehaving: a special session at #MLA14

I’m really happy that a session I (well, WE) proposed for the 2014 MLA convention has been accepted. It was a decent amount of work, so it’s a relief to see that the idea will materialize! Keep an eye out … Continue reading

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Between WordPress and a Hard Place

I’m sharing the text of the presentation I gave today at CCCC. The title is “Between WordPress and a Hard Place,” and I was part of a panel offering critical perspectives on the Course Management System (CMS) in higher education. … Continue reading

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Final Paper

Here is my final paper, entitled “Mediating Memories” (PDF 1.9MB). You can also read through this Scribd document if you don’t want to download the PDF.

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Final Project: A Re-mediation (and Re-vision) of my Term Paper

Hi classmates. Here is the link to my web-text. If possible, view the site on Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. I have not tested it on Internet Explorer. Also, if you observe a warning that a pop-up window was blocked, please … Continue reading

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An Imaginary Lecture on Media Culture

Week 13: Post 2 of 3 Imagine that you were to give a lecture on media culture to an undergrad class. To work toward such a lecture, identify two or three repeated themes that run through some majority of our … Continue reading

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Media and Mediation

Week 13: Post 1 of 3 When you use “media” now, what do you understand by the term? What do you understand by “mediation”? How do you understand technology relative to media? My response to this prompt will necessarily be … Continue reading

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iMovie 09 Workshop

On April 1, I hosted an iMovie workshop for English faculty and grad students at UWM. As it turns out, the Mac lab has iMovie 08, and I planned the workshop for iMovie 09… details, details! At any rate, I … Continue reading

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