A big step

rockyI thought I’d share some news. I’m moving from Milwaukee to Philadelphia next month to join the faculty in the Communication Studies department at Saint Joseph’s University. The department focuses on digital media and is supportive of making and doing things as much as writing and talking about things. With classrooms like this, collaborative digital practice can be part of the learning routine rather than serve as homework or side project, which really speaks to my pedagogy. Overall, I feel honored and lucky to be joining such a great group of people at a small institution with an ethical culture.

I’ll defend my dissertation in December, and I’m grateful to SJU for hiring me ABD! But, this fall will be a very busy, very in-between, very all-hands-on-deck time for me.

If you’re in Philadelphia, drop me a line! 🙂

Image: The Rocky Steps in Philadelphia, by Adam Baker | CC BY 3.0