Final Project: A Re-mediation (and Re-vision) of my Term Paper

Hi classmates. Here is the link to my web-text. If possible, view the site on Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. I have not tested it on Internet Explorer. Also, if you observe a warning that a pop-up window was blocked, please temporarily disable your pop-up blocker.

Mediated Memories: Final Project

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3 Responses to “Final Project: A Re-mediation (and Re-vision) of my Term Paper”

  1. Anonymous says:


    This is beautiful! It was like one string of disjointed memories, yet it all meshed so well together. You do a wonderful job of using the theorists to create a well researched and scholarly, yet intimate project. Well done!


  2. Adam Pacton says:


    I always look forward to seeing your work, and I was not disappointed with your project! It is visually and conceptually arresting. I love how your project is not only an analysis of archives via Stiegler’s work on memory, but also an embodiment his work. I see this working on many levels from the sort of narrative discretization you provide to the visual discretization and linear disruption you employ. We have talked before about the possibility of alternate forms of analysis (re: your and Ingrid’s earlier project), and I feel like you really pulled it off here. Kudos!

  3. Avery Edenfield says:

    Wow. Very impressive Rachel! I liked that you mixed media, materials, and memory to tell a story of loss, dreams, youth, and visions. The interactive elements brought to the foreground the passivity of most websites; this installation really encourages agency and interaction with the different elements, to uncover and to make meaning. Good job!

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