iMovie 09 Workshop

On April 1, I hosted an iMovie workshop for English faculty and grad students at UWM. As it turns out, the Mac lab has iMovie 08, and I planned the workshop for iMovie 09… details, details! At any rate, I think the workshop went well overall. Participants learned basic skills that could transfer to all versions of iMovie. Here are the topics we covered:

  • The iMovie interface
  • Importing video
  • Editing video
    • Using the yellow selector box
    • Using the Edit tool
    • Clip Trimmer (called Trim Clip in iMovie 08)
    • Precision Editor (iMovie 09 only)
  • Splitting clips
  • Adding transitions
  • Changing the speed of a clip (iMovie 09 only)
  • Adding still images
  • Adding text
  • Adding and editing audio
  • Crediting sources and choosing a license
  • Exporting the video
  • iMovie 09 advanced features
  • iMovie resources

An instructional handout is uploaded here [PDF file, 1.2 MB]. It has steps and lots of screen captures that any first-time iMovie users could follow to create their first video—though remember, the handout is written for iMovie 09. Feel free to distribute it to students, or you could email me for the editable file. (sullivan.rachael [at] Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop!

(Below, I’ll include some of the resources/links I’ve gathered over the years. Also: credit goes to Ken Stone for his excellent iMovie guide, from which I adapted a few screen captures and some instructions for my own handout.)

Material Licensed for Remixing:
Video footage
Prelinger Archive
FreePlay Music
Free Sound (just sound, no music)
Stock Music for Educators
Flickr (go to Search > Advanced Search > Creative Commons)

Possible Assignments, Student Samples, etc.
“Multimodality in 60” assignment [PDF file] (from Ohio State University, this assignment is harder than it seems)
Bill Wolffʼs gallery of student videos
Bill Wolffʼs “the one” assignment
iMovie Public Service Announcement (PSA) assignment
Using iMovie to Talk about Tragedy
Problems assessing multimodal student work
Fair Use regulations for educators

Know about more resources? Put them in the comments!