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This concept emerged from the field of interface design, but it has spread into digital writing pedagogy and practice, where I hope to intervene. Drawing on software studies, feminist theory, and new materialism, my dissertation argues that the deliberate disappearance of digital materiality, encouraged by revenue-generating innovations like Facebook’s “frictionless sharing” and Amazon’s “one-click buying,” is detrimental to inventive practice in new media.


English 248 course site preview

English 248: Information Overload

Fall 2013

This course covers a broad sampling of texts from different time periods and genres to think critically about the theme, experience, and effect of information overload in literature and contemporary life.

English 215 course site preview

English 215: Introduction to English Studies

Spring 2012

To prepare for the major in English, students read and analyze global literature and film in this course. They also have the chance to try out different critical approaches to reading.

English 101 course site preview

English 101: Writing and Visual Culture

Fall 2011

This course, focusing on making and interpreting visual arguments, was designed specifically for a Living-Learning Community (LLC). Students attended class in their residence hall and took a visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum.